The Events Management Company Group is an exciting company who operate six venues within Geelong including EdgeLambysDennys KitchenWah Wah GeeWah Bah and The Pier Geelong.

We offer exceptional service to our guests at our restaurants, bars and functions and events centre, where we are renowned for our quality and high standards.

Situated in Geelong, Australia, EMC Group embraces an extremely dedicated team of supremely talented people supported by enviable facilities and we are renowned for its quality product and service. We boast a wonderful team environment and provide a culture that encourages and actively promotes career progression with dedicated external training programs.

The Event Management Company was born when the company took over the event ‘New Year on the Waterfront’.  Whilst this event is no longer running, the company evolved into the overarching organisation which employs all the groups’ staff, and manages the groups’ administrative needs, such as HR, Payroll, Accounts and Marketing.

As a group we recognise that our people are our most valuable resource, and we take great delight in assisting in the development of good people within the industry. Our people are our business!

The EMC Group culture is one that promotes friendliness and approachability, so that our guests enjoy coming back to us time and time again, and that our staff love working here.

We offer career opportunities to staff, so the dream of running one of our venues is available to any of our employees who strive for such.

Our continued success in providing the highest quality of food, beverages and service to our guests depends on having quality people in our teams. We want all staff to enjoy their time here as they commit to being a positive and productive member of our team and we commit to helping them succeed in their new job.

We make every effort to employ people who understand the value of a strong functioning team and want to work hard to protect and grow the integrity of the team.

Our vision is to continue to develop the groups’ venues through our people and lift the standard of the Geelong and Victorian hospitality experience. The aim is to achieve high profiles for the groups’ venues and for the exceptional contributors within it, and to provide an enviable work place with plenty of opportunity for those who wish to take the business to the next level.


To offer the customer authentic hospitality with the best possible service, selection, quality and value. And to inspire and nurture our people by creating a culture of belonging, where everyone is welcome.

Each day we come to work, our mission statement is to be a productive part of a passionate team that creates something we’re all proud of and have all contributed to, something of exceptional quality that is sought after by customers and aspired to by competitors.

To be at the forefront of innovative improvements, not just in our products, but also in every aspect of our work processes.

To embrace the privilege of working in an environment that values and respects each individual, holds their safety and wellbeing as a priority and is characterised by honesty, fairness and integrity.

We recognise we can only achieve this through supporting each other and insisting on service excellence.

That is, we must ensure through everything we do, that our customers thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our products, our expertise and our commitment to team work. As a result of our efforts we achieve outstanding successes.


To establish EMC Group as the premier purveyor of food and beverages in Geelong, while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow the business and the people within it, in order to be Geelong’s hospitality employer of choice.

Our Values

  • Vision and Innovation – The ability to creatively continually improve in all areas, self, team, company and customer experience. Keeping us always ahead of expectations and competition.
  • Authenticity and Professionalism Being true and following all policies and procedures, being a reliable ‘trusted advisor’ of the industry.
  • Loyalty and Responsibility – We face challenges with optimism. Being true to our word, taking on challenges and honouring commitments.
  • Unity in Team work and Respect – Treating customers & employees with respect and dignity, recognising we are only as strong as our weakest link so supporting each other where ever we can.
  • Ethics and Integrity – Treating others as you would have them treat you, conducting your dealings always as you would if under scrutiny.
  • Smart goals by way of Commitment – Stretching our objectives through a promise of delivering excellence each and every day.

We believe in doing business in a professional and orderly manner. In our business, the guest always comes first!


Performance attracts competition and competition demands evolution. Evolution creates a high order. You simply cannot have progress without change and our team is committed to embracing change in the form of continual improvement. That is how EMC Group operates.

Our company is special. We are dynamic, passionate and dedicated to creating the best in hospitality, striving to always over deliver.

We are committed to continual improvement in every aspect of our work, (product, service, OHS and team development) and to strive to achieve these outcomes as a supportive and creative team where each member is as important as the other.



With each round of coffees, a milk cap was tossed but that’s all about to change at EMC Group Geelong! Our bright milk caps will no longer fill our bins (or landfill) but instead be donated to the Envision Hands initiative.

Envision is an organisation working on supplying exciting and engaging work experiences for disadvantaged job seekers and has commenced the ‘Envision Hands’ project. Partnering with Rotary, Envision are turning collected plastic bottle caps into prosthetic limbs for those in need.

Here at EMC Group Geelong, we are proud to support such an important cause! With caps being collected from The Pier, Wah Wah Gee, Wah Bah, Edge, Dennys Kitchen and Lambys, we’re expected to be saving over 25,440 caps from landfill each year!

The prosthetic limbs are produced through a 3D printing process which requires a minimum of 400 caps to produce one prosthetic hand. With this in mind EMC Group Geelong aims to produce 65 in the next 12 months!

As most bottle caps end as waste, Envision are leading the way to a more sustainable future and we plan to jump on board. With schools and organisations like EMC Group contributing across Australia, over 350,000 bottle tops have been collected! But the hunt isn’t over! The goal is to reach the first target of 1,000,000 bottle tops!

The project is still aiming to not only collect over a million caps, but to grow and achieve their goals which include:

  1. Funding the logistics of the Australia Wide cap collection
  2. Purchasing additional Shrudder Machines to process the multitude of caps that are collected
  3. Research and Development
  4. Training for future employment opportunities & creating a resource for teaching

This in combination with our ‘no straw’ initiative (that saves 100,000 straws from landfill!), we are stepping closer to a sustainable future for our current and future generations.

For more information about the Envision Hands initiative head to their website here or check out the Helping Hands Facebook Page to start collecting today!