The majority of employees are employed under the EMC Group Enterprise Agreement 2012, a copy of which is available from the Fair Work Australia website www.fwa.gov.au

The National Employment Standard also outlines the 10 minimum conditions of employment, a copy of which can be found at:



  • While you are on shift, you are entitled to 50% discount off full priced meals.
  • A knock off drink is available for consumption for each staff member at the completion of their shift.
  • We offer our employees staff benefits and discounts across all of our venues and encourage them to visit each of our venues and enjoy what we have to offer.


EMC Group appreciates the efforts of its employees to achieve corporate goals and to fulfil our core values. Outstanding employees deserve to be recognised both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model to other employees.

The Employee-of-the-Month Program recognises one employee each month. Nominations are based on excellent job performance, promoting a pleasant working environment, dependability and/or innovation.

Each month, an employee is chosen for their outstanding service to the business or to our customers. All nominees for the employee of the month, regardless of a win or not, are entered into the employee of the year nominations.


The Employee Assistance Program is a free and confidential counselling service provided by EMC Group to their employees to support their wellbeing in the workplace and in their personal lives.

The EAP service provided will be paid for by EMC Group and includes up to three counselling sessions per issue.

Our EAP provider, Converge International, is for our staff to access confidential counselling, coaching and support for workplace and personal issues. The program is designed to assist our staff in meeting the challenges and demands of their work and personal life.  Sometimes we are confronted with issues that test our ability to cope and our EAP provides short-term, solutions-oriented counselling and coaching.


Our business always aims to employ the best candidates based on merit and competence, at the same time ensuring that we meet all legislative requirements. In addition, when recruiting we seek to bring people into our business that will develop and improve our collective skill base and expertise plus provide succession planning for the future overall success of our business.


EMC Group is committed to providing equal opportunities and the principle of equality in accordance with relevant legislative provisions. We are confident that our staff share our commitment in implementing these policies.


EMC Group has a policy of encouraging its employees to undertake training in order to advance their career to the benefit of both the employer and the individual.

At the commencement of employment with EMC Group, all staff receive any training necessary for their specific job. As the employment progresses, roles may be extended to encompass new activities within the business. We provide our staff with any training deemed necessary for them to perform their role at the required standards.


Our policy is to monitor your work performance on a continual basis so that we can maximise your strengths and help you with any development areas.

We have an employee appraisal scheme in place for the purpose of monitoring employee performance levels with a view to maximising the effectiveness of individuals.